Yawn; a post about nothing


Hello Everyone! I am so thankful for labor day’s three day weekend!

School has been exhausting, so I wish I could get more sleep. But my cat has kind of stolen my pillow…

asfShe doesn’t seem to realize that that’s where my head is supposed to go.

It’s raining today, and it’s a perfect lazy day, as my family calls it. Considering the circumstances, I don’t really have much planned for today. I guess a post about nothing is perfect for a day like this!


Remember my tiny polyphemus caterpillars? ASDF well they grew up… and died. I have two left now, which is really disapointing. I wanted to be able to raise atleast 5. Plus, if they die that easily, than it’s going to be tough to keep them alive until they’re moths. After all, they are still tiny, they’re at most 10 millimeters. I’ll keep you posted on how they do.


The jellyfish above is one of my favorite paintings, for two reasons: one is that it took me about 8 minutes to make. The second reason, is that the picture I painted it based on is not something I took (obviously), or something I looked for. It was the desktop background our old computer (just a neat story I like to share).

The old computer:


The desktop background:gjhytfujyhgf



OK, if you understand me, you know I’m overly ambisious.

What you see above is a greenhouse I intend to build… unrealistic – YES!! VERY!!! I’m overly ambisious, but I do have the ability to build things… I’ll keep you posted on the project. Just so you know, I am aware that it will never work out the way I planned it above.



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