Simon and Sonya – day 2-3

Yes, I know. I’m supposed to post “Simon and Sonya’s” on Firday’s. But, let me counter with this, I think it’s Friday in China! Anyway… I’ve been slacking alot on these posts, so not only am I breaking the Friday rule, I’m also posting 2 of these posts as one long post. =)

S I M O N   &   S O N Y A

D A Y    2 – 3

“What do you mean our flight is cancled!” shouted Simon’s Mother at the rather startled woman at the baggage claim “My sister’s wedding is tomorrow!”

“I’m sorry, but there’s nothing we can do” said the woman, trying to talk her down. Simon stood a little way’s away, reading the back of his suitcase, pretending to be fascinated with with the cautions. He loved his mother, but she had the aweful habbit of yelling at customer service people. He vowed that when he had kids, he’d be nicer to those people than everyone else. He sat down at one of the thousands of chairs, hearing faintly: “No, I’m not the caterer for the wedding!”. When Simon sat down he realized how tired he was, and then realized that he had only slept about 5 hourslast night. He decided to close his eyes, and wait for his mother to give up. The last thing he heard was “Now where’s Simon?” before he drifted of to sleep.


He sat alone. The slow sound of waves caressing the snow swept beaches seemed to be lulling him to sleep. He couldn’t exactly remember why he was there, which felt… empty. This was when she sat down next to him. She looked vaguely familiar, but he didn’t know how. Then, she started talking, almost as if they were already in the middle of a conversation.

“So” She mumbled “Are you here for the same reason that I am?”

“I… don’t… I don’t really know why I’m here”

“Neither do I. I was hoping you did”

“Well, I don’t” He said, rather curious as to why she acted as if he should know why they were there. Should he? Had he forgotten something important, and ruined this whole thing, whatever it was?

“Neither do I” She said “I feel like we should, shouldn’t we?”

“I don’t know…”

“See what I mean.” she said clearly just as curious as he was

“What do you mean”

“I… don’t… I don’t really know” she said, clearly in deep thought.

“You’re right, though. Why are we here? And why a beach?”

“And why are we here?” she said distantly. Then they paused. A long pause filled with empty stares, and crashing waves.

“I’m Simon”

“Sonya” she said, clearly with an attempt at a friendly smile. Then her smile faded, and she looked on past the horizon.

“Why are we here?”


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