School. Wow.

Schule (school). I’m not happy. Today was diese official first day of school. Yesterday was just going in and seeing all of your classes, und getting eine tase of was the school year will be like. I know das Ich promised I’d post Simon & Sonya every Friday, and that I’ve been slacking. Aber miene Famile und Ich have been sehr busy, and I haven’t had much of a chance to think about it. Also, today I had a poetry class in writing today, and I thought I’d share es. The assignment was to write 3 sentences, using one simile or metaphor, to discribe your dream school… Ich went a kliene bit over the top.

My Dream School…


       My dream school is like a dream tree; The students would be the leaves. With every additional leaf, the tree gets healthier, and more likely to prosper. Then, when fall comes, the leaves are able to show their true colors. The teachers are the sun, the water, and the soil. Their sole purpose is to create a lucious enviornment for the tree and the leaves to grow. Soon, with the combined effort of the sun, water, and soil, the tree will live on, and be able to make more room for leaves by the hundreds to live and develope. —– Now, the dream is over, and I have to get to school. I leave the house feeling sad, that all I have left is just a powerful metaphor…?

You Decide. 


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