About “Mind of Mine”

Hello, my name is not Simon Workmann, but I wish it was, so that will serve the purpose for my pen name. I am twelve, so my parents are monitoring everything, including my internet safety, and thus a pen name was necesary. Anyway, this blog (as the title suggests) is to share my mind with other people around the world. I guess I would like genuine feedback for my many elaborate hobbies, since my family only seems to say that I’ve done a good job, and that they wish they could find more to say (I probably shouldn’t have said that, since my mother will probably be offended when she “monitors” this). Here are some of the subjects that I will be posting about.



OK, so I have about 75 dollars saved up, and I will give it to anyone who knows what Lepidoptery is. Not really, I would just be overjoyed if I met anyone my age able to tell me. Lepidoptery is the study of moths and butterflies, and it is a subject that I am very enthusiastic about. My interest in entomology began who knows how long ago. All I know is that if there was a bug at school, I’d be the one with the magnifying glass, and National Audubon Society’s Field guide to insects and spiders. I do know that my interest in Lepidoptery began around the time I started going to the butterfly museum near us. It is a large greenhouse, that supports many exotic species of butterflies. They sell cocoons and chrysalises there, that you can hatch and release in your own backyard. I decided to get Cecropia moth cocoons (the moths in the picture above, that I took). Instead of just releasing them, I bred them, and had a bunch of Cecropia moth caterpillar eggs. I did end up with many caterpillars, and was able to repeat the cycle. I am currently doing the same thing with Spicebush Swallowtail butterflies.


A decent background

Painting is a different story, since I’ve only been good at it for about a year and a half. It started when I had to write an essay on one of my hobbies. I wanted to do something that nobody knew was one of my hobbies. Eventually I settled on something that even I never even knew I liked; until then. I painted an impressionist bouquet of flowers in a vase. I’ve gone on to paint at least 20 more pictures, ranging from abstract (above), to still life. And still, with all those others, my first painting is one of my best.


IMG_2855                IMG_2533                IMG_0638

Photography is even more recent for me, since I’ve only been interested in it when I found out about an amazing power-shot camera at a butterfly fest last August. It was seven-hundred dollars, and it used up most of the money set aside in my grandparents bank account for me, but it was worth it, as you can see by my pictures. I have a great slideshow video that I will get posted one day soon.



This isn’t as interesting of a story. The story is, I caught a bit of “Chopped” and since then I’ve loved to bake. The first thing I tried, I had a lot of help from my mother. It was a lemon soufflé, which I understand was a bit premature. Naturally, it sunk. But over time I got relatively good, and started baking things on my own. My favorite way to do it is to create a recipe, but I also like using cookbooks. Recently I bought a book of dessert recipes, and I vowed to finish every recipe in it. For old times sake I started with a ginger-pear soufflé (above). It did not sink.


IMG_3558                2

I enjoy many other things that you will hear about often. I would first like to warn you that I took German last year, so I may include some German words in my sentences (If I do, I’ll be sure to write them in bold). Anyway, one of things you will hear about a lot is my writing. No self respecting blogger doesn’t include at least one post of writing, and you will see a lot, mostly poetry, of my writing. I also enjoy writing music. Using a great program called Musescore, you can write music for almost every instrument you can think of, then listen to it with realistic sounding, computer generated, instruments. My final subject is my beautiful cat. Prepare for stories, and pictures of all kinds pertaining for her. I also have a strong passion for Astronomy, which came very close to getting a category all to itself.

Now I believe that I have summed up the purpose of my blog. I cant wait to start in the blogging world! Danke for reading =)


40 thoughts on “About “Mind of Mine”

  1. Welcome to WordPress, and I hope you will listen to your parents! Lovely caterpillar poem, look forward to seeing more. What a talented 12-year-old you are. You are a year older than my oldest child. I write friendly fairy tales for my kids, and I share them with other kids. Adults seem to like them, too.

  2. Welcome to the blog world! You sound like an amazing person, your hobbies are very interesting and I do hope you will share some baking tips!:)

  3. Welcome to WP Simon! I look forward to follow your blog. You sure you are just twelve? 😉 Thank you for sharing with us.

  4. Welcome to the blogging world, Simon! You will find this a very supportive community. You are a gifted 12 year old!

  5. Hello! Dropped by from SageDoyle’s page 🙂 Welcome to WordPress and have a great time here 😀
    You are so eloquent and write really, really well! And that was just your about page..lol. I’m gonna a follower though I will skip all your Lepidoptery posts…I’ve got a massive phobia those thingies 😉

      • Ah..well…what is it like..this spirituality thing? Well..for me it’s been a journey that is awesome, trying, enlightening, frustrating, exciting and saddening. It’s like a mix of everything actually. What I am enjoying at this moment is learning and gaining understanding and knowledge…trying to apply some into my life, learning that I don’t have to do everything, to take what I need and leave the rest….
        There is quote which is oft used : We are not humans on a spiritual journey, but spiritual beings on a human journey.

        Spirituality doesn’t mean religion, it doesn’t have to be God…I don’t think. For me it’s aiming for our highest potential with an ideal we decide for ourselves which will help us AND others. Those that believe in God, those that prefer to use the word Divine, Source, Nature and even Science can all be spiritual 🙂 But that’s just my opinion. It’s basically love and respect..for ourselves and those around us, and to listen to our hearts.

  6. Welcome to the world of thoughts and imagination…
    I do believe you will have great success …and I wish you a wonderful
    journey in exploring you and the world around you…
    I look for to wandering through ….
    Take Care…You Matter…

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