Atlas Moth

IMG_3357      Untitled

My atlas moth Oil pastel creation!

Das ist miene first expirence using oil pastels, and I am suprised how long it took. If you’ve visited my blog, you’ve seen that picture. Ich have used es in many places, partly because the atlas moth is one of my favorite lepidoptera (over a foot long, and still a fast flier) aber also because I personally find it one of my favorite pictures ever. Naturally I was compelled to paint a picture. My family and I went on a short day hiking trip, and we visited a small art store in the area. That is where I bought the pastels. I started the painting the second I got he inspiration for it, so basically the moment we got home. I spent three days working on es, incuding eine visit to a friend of mine. And after all that work, finally I am finished, and I am sehr proud of it! I present it to you all to enjoy =)

Well, I have to leave now, but tomorrow I have another baking post planned…


6 thoughts on “Atlas Moth

  1. Ummm seriously? That is really really good. I want one lol. I drew a picture waiting on a plan that got delayed 4 hours. The one thing in nature that inspires me the most is the tree. They are so symbolic and beautiful and individual and giving. Anyway my pictures are almost always trees. I will show you soon 🙂

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