Calling All Cats!

Hello everyone! Sorry to cut the photography marathon in half, aber Ich bin sehr happy to inform you that my cat is a year old today. In ode to Sie, Ich would like to show you some of my favorite pictures of miene katze, all in order from youngest to oldest. Then after that, I went around and got pictures of all of my family and friends cats in celebration of her birthday. To start, here Sie ist:

IMG_2591 IMG_2607 IMG_2730 IMG_2760 IMG_2772 IMG_2814 IMG_2852 IMG_2863 IMG_2932 IMG_2936 IMG_3017 Untitled

 IMG_3263 IMG_3264 IMG_3280 IMG_3299IMG_3412 IMG_3457 IMG_3558 IMG_3711 IMG_4158 IMG_4287 Z

Wow. 9 months feels like 9 days.

Now, I’d like to share some other peoples cats. I wont include their names because they all have fairly unique names. Some I barely know, and some I see every day. Here are the cats that I see the most:

 Cat 1

IMG_0478     IMG_0480

Species:     Tuxedo cat

Gender:     Male

Age:     4 years

Personal status    Loves windows

 Cat 2


Species:     Maine Coon

Gender:     Male

Age:     2 1/2 years

Personal status:     Pretty much froze to death at 4 weeks old

 Cat 3

IMG_4404     IMG_4400     IMG_4423

Species:     York Chocolate cat

Gender:     Male

Age:     Almost 2 years

Personal status:     Meowing implies danger

Cat 4


Species:     Singapura\Tabby mix

Gender:     Male

Age:     Over 10 years

Personal status:     I think he’s actually a dog

Cat 5


Species:     Himalayan

Gender:     Female

Age:     over 18 years

Personal status:     almost 19 and still on fire

Cat 6

Cat 1

Species:    Turkish Van

Gender:    Male

Age:    7 years

Personal Status:     “Look at me!”

Cat 7

Cat 2

Species:    Siamese \ Maine coon mix

Gender:     Female

Age:    13 years

Personal Status:    Quirky beyond belief

Well there you have it, my cat and her friends. We have to go to a pet shop now, but I guess I’ve summarized it well.



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