Mola Patterns!!!


This is a Mola.

Molas are made by the Kuna women of South America,

other people make them…

…I do.

I didn’t make that one.

I have made one…

… you’ll see that later.

Hallo everyone! Ich would first like to apologies to the person who made that Mola. I didn’t find any information about the artist when Ich found das bild, there was no information about the artist, und therefore Ich bin nicht able to give credit. I would also like to apologies to du, for lying. Before I explain, first let mich show you miene “Mola”, und the picture I modeled es after:

Mola inspired.55

Mola inspired

Molas are intricate patterns of thick woven fabric, sowed together to create traditional clothing. My Mola was made on the computer.

That’s how I lied. =)

In June, around diese time school got out last year, wir were given our last art assignment (Ich wissen (think) du kann figure out was das was). The assignment was to glue paper together to make the Mola, but I thought that was too easy, so I did something a bit different… I got a 70%.

At least Ich came out of es with something Ich kann share mit du =)


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