The Apologetic Favor that I Apologise that I have to Apologetically ask

Hi. I know my inthusiasm is lost, but it’s because I feel… well… here’s the title “The Apologetic Favor that I Apologise that I have to Apologetically ask”. Anyone with the slightest bit of human emotional expierence (meaning anyone who’s ever known atleast one other person in their entire life) knows from that title that I have a favor to ask, and that I feel guilty. Over the summer, I’ve been… buisy, and I am so glad that I’ve been discovered by you all. Now my school has a photographer’s position open for the yearbook staff. Naturally, a lot of students want this job, so I’m up against almost 40 people! In order to get this, I have to make a makeshift resume. In that resume, I’d like to include a letter of recomendation. In that letter of recomendation, I think it would look good, if I have actual professional artists backing up my case. This is the apologetic favor that I apologise that I have to apologetically ask. I’d really apreciate it if some of you colud put in words what you think of my blog (particularly my photographs). I don’t expect anything to long (or anythin at all, if you aren’t able to), just something that will look good on a piece of paper. Thank you all so much! I am very grateful! =)



8 thoughts on “The Apologetic Favor that I Apologise that I have to Apologetically ask

  1. Hey Simon…hope that you get a glowing recommendation from some of your artist friends over here!! And here’s something to remember : Someone once told me of a person they knew. Each time an opportunity that she was wanting didn’t happen, she’s gaily claim that it was great because something better was going to come her way!

    However, having said that…I wish you all the very best for the job because your photographs are awesome!
    Have you done a portfolio of all your work?

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