Simon & Sonya – 5

S I M O N   &   S O N Y A

D A Y   5

When your Aunt is about to marry a very, very, very rich man, here are things that you expect: an extravagant ceremony, snobby guests, delicious food, and about 50 staff members. Here are things that you don’t expect: Neon green punch, an Ice sculpture with a caption “The future old ball-and-chain”, peanut butter jelly sandwiches for appetizers, or for a half a foot tall wedding cake. Now here are things that you’d never expect to see happen even in the wedding of a scarlet fever ridden dream: a bird to catch the brides bouquet, the ring to be taller than the groom, orange juice to rain from the sky, or for the bride’s husband to ask his personal pilots to fly you to the wedding themselves. So I believe you’ll understand why Simon was rather surprised when his mother woke him up and said loudly “Where have you been, I’ve been looking everywhere! Oh well. Anyway, the flights been canceled, but Rick-Uncle Rick-Mr. Blaine has sent two of his personal pilots to come and pick us up in a luxury jet! Isn’t that fantastic?!”. As he sat in the plane, marveling at how unsafe it felt, he wondered why he wasn’t as ecstatic about the luxury plane as his mother seemed to be. Then, he thought back to the dream he’d had a few hours before. He didn’t understand why it had scared him so much. After all, he had been intentionally unintentionally selected to do dangerous things in Boy Scouts. Of course, he didn’t know that he had been selected at all. He only knew that something serious was about to happen. 126.5 miles away, back in Lyndonville, Sonya was a lot less concerned. This was on of the reasons that she had almost not been intentionally unintentionally selected. Still, you couldn’t blame her. How was she to know that the fate of Earth in the distant future was about to be weighing half on her shoulders, half on Simon’s. Simon & Sonya, the Earth savers. In about 800 years from now, they’d decide that they didn’t like that title. 


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