Top ten coolest things in the universe


Guess which one I took? I love my camera!

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Hallo! Before I dive into my list of the top ten most interesting things in diese universe, I’d first like to say that I am adding several new categories, including Astronomy, Wrighting & Poetry, und Music, all of which are hobbies of mine. I suppose that’s all I have to say before I start with this post.

Here are the 10 most fascinating things in the universe

10.  Astroids, commets, meteorites, ect.

9.  Supernovas

8.   Galaxies

7.  Nebulas

6.   Quazars

5.  Black holes

4.  Dark Matter & Dark energy

3.   Magnetars

2.  Gravity

1.   Inteligent life

Ich bin nicht going to elaborate too much, since a lot of the things I chose don’t have to much of an explanation. Astroids, commets, meteorites, and any similar cosmic object are just bits of dust, ice, rocks, and minerals, that fly through space. Supernovas are the dramatic deaths of large stars that last for a sehr long time, and are sehr big. Galaxies are huge collections of stars and solar systems, forming all kinds of complex shapes, such as spiral, and eliptical. Nebulas are Groß collections of gas and dust that are responsible for the creation of stars. Quazars are cause when black holes absorb to much cosmic material, and spray huge bursts of energy and radiation back out into space, millions of lightyears long.  Black Holes are cause when large stars collaps into themshelves, and the gravity causes the star to eat itself from the inside, and everything else around es. Dark matter & Dark energy… dont ask. Es ist sehr complicated. Magnetars are caused when small stars are compressed down to massive densities, and are basically like giant magnets, absorbing all metal objects from millions of miles away. Gravity ist just as complicated as Dark matter and energy, so du will have to do much further research than my blog. Intelegent life is caused by the perfect combination of liquid water and certain kinds of protiens and biological material on a planet that is just the right didstance from a star, that is much too complex for me to go into right now. Now Ich have to leave, but I hope you have learnd atleast one thing from this post. Auf Wiedersehn!