Simon & Sonya – 5

S I M O N   &   S O N Y A

D A Y   5

When your Aunt is about to marry a very, very, very rich man, here are things that you expect: an extravagant ceremony, snobby guests, delicious food, and about 50 staff members. Here are things that you don’t expect: Neon green punch, an Ice sculpture with a caption “The future old ball-and-chain”, peanut butter jelly sandwiches for appetizers, or for a half a foot tall wedding cake. Now here are things that you’d never expect to see happen even in the wedding of a scarlet fever ridden dream: a bird to catch the brides bouquet, the ring to be taller than the groom, orange juice to rain from the sky, or for the bride’s husband to ask his personal pilots to fly you to the wedding themselves. So I believe you’ll understand why Simon was rather surprised when his mother woke him up and said loudly “Where have you been, I’ve been looking everywhere! Oh well. Anyway, the flights been canceled, but Rick-Uncle Rick-Mr. Blaine has sent two of his personal pilots to come and pick us up in a luxury jet! Isn’t that fantastic?!”. As he sat in the plane, marveling at how unsafe it felt, he wondered why he wasn’t as ecstatic about the luxury plane as his mother seemed to be. Then, he thought back to the dream he’d had a few hours before. He didn’t understand why it had scared him so much. After all, he had been intentionally unintentionally selected to do dangerous things in Boy Scouts. Of course, he didn’t know that he had been selected at all. He only knew that something serious was about to happen. 126.5 miles away, back in Lyndonville, Sonya was a lot less concerned. This was on of the reasons that she had almost not been intentionally unintentionally selected. Still, you couldn’t blame her. How was she to know that the fate of Earth in the distant future was about to be weighing half on her shoulders, half on Simon’s. Simon & Sonya, the Earth savers. In about 800 years from now, they’d decide that they didn’t like that title. 


Simon & Sonya – 4

You know what, I’m going to start making it Simon & Sonya Saturday’s, since 2 out of the 3 of these posts have been Saturday’s. It’s just more convenient.

S I M O N   &   S O N Y A

D A Y   2

Sonya woke up to the loud thrashing of rain and wind at her window. It was beginning to pick up, and she must have dozed off listening to the thunderstorm. The letter was still clasped tightly in her left hand, and she quickly shoved it in her pocket. It was then that she remembered her “weird” dream. Somehow it scared her, and she just wanted to forget about it. Dad wouldn’t be home for a few hours, and Mom was busy in California, so she decided to go outside and eavesdrop by the fence on the “lovely couple” in their swiftly vanishing bachelor and bachelorette days., to get her mind off things. She ran down stairs, and made her way by the fridge. Before she went outside she decided she would make some sausages incase Dad forgot to buy the salmon, and she could impress him with her cooking skills. She turned on the burner, marveling at her independence. She liked being able to just do whatever she wanted all the time. She felt in control of things. Of course, Victor helped.

“Victor!” she yelled

“Yeah?!” he replied from upstairs

“I’m going outside, ok”

“Be sure to wash up once you get inside, I don’t want Dad to think we adopted a dog!”

“Oh shut up!” she snickered. She always thought that “brother” meant something more than just sharing the same parents. Still, if anyone was her brother, the answer would always be Victor.

“Don’t worry, I’ll wear a raincoat.”

She made her way outside, kind of shocked at how bad the weather actually was. She was beginning to get worried about her dad’s long commute. Once she made it by the fence, she could see the catering staff struggling to set up this elegant looking tarp. Over the wind she could hear things like “… I’m going to need that potato salad…” and “Has anyone seen Sam with the tool kit?” and “… so they’re still having the wedding outside?!”. “Then she saw the bride walk out, overseeing the progress of her staff. She stood right on the otherside of where Sonya was, and she could hear her clearly speaking into a cell phone:

“Harriet, you’re the Maid of honor! You have to be here! … … … Well, then you’ll have to find a pilot who can fly in this weather … … … That’s ridiculous! … … … Fine, I’ll see if he can fly you here.” 

Simon and Sonya – day 2-3

Yes, I know. I’m supposed to post “Simon and Sonya’s” on Firday’s. But, let me counter with this, I think it’s Friday in China! Anyway… I’ve been slacking alot on these posts, so not only am I breaking the Friday rule, I’m also posting 2 of these posts as one long post. =)

S I M O N   &   S O N Y A

D A Y    2 – 3

“What do you mean our flight is cancled!” shouted Simon’s Mother at the rather startled woman at the baggage claim “My sister’s wedding is tomorrow!”

“I’m sorry, but there’s nothing we can do” said the woman, trying to talk her down. Simon stood a little way’s away, reading the back of his suitcase, pretending to be fascinated with with the cautions. He loved his mother, but she had the aweful habbit of yelling at customer service people. He vowed that when he had kids, he’d be nicer to those people than everyone else. He sat down at one of the thousands of chairs, hearing faintly: “No, I’m not the caterer for the wedding!”. When Simon sat down he realized how tired he was, and then realized that he had only slept about 5 hourslast night. He decided to close his eyes, and wait for his mother to give up. The last thing he heard was “Now where’s Simon?” before he drifted of to sleep.


He sat alone. The slow sound of waves caressing the snow swept beaches seemed to be lulling him to sleep. He couldn’t exactly remember why he was there, which felt… empty. This was when she sat down next to him. She looked vaguely familiar, but he didn’t know how. Then, she started talking, almost as if they were already in the middle of a conversation.

“So” She mumbled “Are you here for the same reason that I am?”

“I… don’t… I don’t really know why I’m here”

“Neither do I. I was hoping you did”

“Well, I don’t” He said, rather curious as to why she acted as if he should know why they were there. Should he? Had he forgotten something important, and ruined this whole thing, whatever it was?

“Neither do I” She said “I feel like we should, shouldn’t we?”

“I don’t know…”

“See what I mean.” she said clearly just as curious as he was

“What do you mean”

“I… don’t… I don’t really know” she said, clearly in deep thought.

“You’re right, though. Why are we here? And why a beach?”

“And why are we here?” she said distantly. Then they paused. A long pause filled with empty stares, and crashing waves.

“I’m Simon”

“Sonya” she said, clearly with an attempt at a friendly smile. Then her smile faded, and she looked on past the horizon.

“Why are we here?”

Simon & Sonya

OK, I may aswell come clean about where I got the inspiration for my pen name “Simon Workmann” if I am to tell this story. I’ve alwayse had relatively good ideas for books. One of my favorites is a story called Simon and Sonya. I won’t give away the plot, because you’ll see the first part of the story right now. But anyway, I always thought of Simon as the most similar character of mine to me. His last name is Workmann, so there. One day I was EXTREMELY board, so I wrote the first part of the story in the context of a book. I’ll share it with you, but first, I’d like to include the link to a great story that I read. It was writen by Brenda at Friendly Fary Tales, and the story is called The Shepherdess and the Prince. Here’s the link:

Her stories are great, and if you like writing and poetry, you should visit this blog.

As for my stories, I hope you’ll like this one as much as I like her’s:

S I M O N   a n d   S O N Y A

by :

S I M O N   W O R K M A N N


It was Pouring rain at the airport, and the wind was going a million miles per hour. Simon could barely hold onto his umbrella. Him and his mother were on their way to his aunt’s wedding in Lyndonville Vermont. She was engaged to a man who, surfice it to say, had a two gold tooth, had a bathroom bigger than the master bedroom at Simons house, and wore cashmere when he went camping. He was nice though, and Simon liked him. That is why he let his mother drag him out of bed at 4:57 am.

“Simon!” yelled his Mother, who was barely audible over the rain and the wind, not to mention the three oddly consecutive thunder claps that went off just then.

“What is it?!” yelled Simon.

“I have our boarding pass!” She replied. Then, withou so much as a “Follow me!” or what have you, she dashed inside.


It was beginning to let up at Sonya’s window. It had been pouring beyond belief earlier that day. She’d even heard that some flight’s had been canceled, and some roads had been flooded. She was beginning to see accross to her neighbors yard. Some rich guy in a mansion that was completely out of place in this trash can of a neighborhood. As it turn’s out, they were planning a wedding for tomorrow. She thought about her parents backyard wedding. She was very little, and all she remembered was that it was ther “very rainy wedding”. It was probably similar to the one next door. But their wedding would probably work out better than her parrents. She slumped back in her chair. Without mom in the house, it was rather “lonely”. She was the lonely one, Dad didn’t seem to be as concerned as he probably was supposed to be. At this thought she decided to tear up the letter that she was holding. The letter to Mom.

Tune in next week for my newly established “Simon and Sonya Friday”, to hear some more of the story! =)

I hope you enjoyed it!