I comply with its words

I just wanted to quickly make this post to thank a few bloggers responsible for my third award.  I gave it the title I did because I love it’s message, and I want to show that I’m glad that these bloggers agree that I can comply with its message. Anyway, here it is:


The links below belong to the two creators, and the one who gave it to me, all of whom (or who, it may be who) I’m very grateful for.

The creator: http://enchantedseashells.com/2013/10/28/a-sure-fire-cure-for-the-unfreshly-pressed-blues-2/

The one they worked with: http://teepee12.com/

The one who awarded me: http://sagedoyle.wordpress.com/

Thanks to all of you for being responsible for my newest award!



I can’t think of a good title

Hello everyone! I’m glad to be back here! Anyway, I have several things to get through today, which I shall start by saying something you NEED TO HEAR! Everyone who has followed me (which is an impressive amount of 54, thanks to three of them who re-blogged that last post) is an amazing person for tolerating my neglectfulness. I like to read into blogs when I follow them, so I know what they do. I have not had a chance to do that yet, so I haven’t followed any of you. It will happen tomorrow, I promise. Also, to the people who I am following, I have not liked anything in my reader since September, so please forgive me. That I will also do tomorrow.

Now that I have that done, I can share the fun stuff! First, I promised someone that I would post all my best foliage photographs in celebration of falls glory! So I’ll first start with that.IMG_2078 IMG_2079 IMG_2102 IMG_2106 IMG_2111 IMG_3310 IMG_5764 IMG_5878 IMG_6102 IMG_5904IMG_6108 IMG_6117 IMG_6152 IMG_6177 IMG_6198 IMG_6372 IMG_6392 IMG_6444 IMG_6513 IMG_6809 IMG_6870 IMG_6874

Oh, this is awkward. I’m actually going to have to cut this short! What a way to start this now! Oh well, I’ll continue tomorrow!


You’re stuck with me again

Hello everyone! Wow, I disappeared for three months! I hope that’s ok… Anyway, I have a very good reason for why I’ve left, so bear with me here. Anyway, it all started the week I left. I was photographing a rather large and beautiful blue flower.


He’s very mean, so I was doing it in secret. Suddenly, though, the lens cap slipped out of my hand, and got covered I dirt from the ground. When I reached down to grab it, I lost my balance, and tripped down the cliff behind me!


When I landed, I wasn’t really hurt. But I was stuck down there, and since I had been photographing in secret, no one knew I was there! So there I was, at the bottom of a cliff, and darkness was coming it was all I could do to build a fire and roast hot dogs.


When I woke up in the morning, I knew I had to do something. So I reached down, took a rock, said “Here goes nothing” used it to put out the fire, and walked up the stone escalator behind me. Needless to say, when I got back my parents were surprised. They’d thought I’d left for good this time. They had already turned my room into a study, and my art studio in the living room was gone!


I was obviously very mad at my parents. They did seem to feel bad about it, but still. I forced them to remake everything I had done, including my paintings, and have it done within the week. However once they realized how expensive that would be, they realized they couldn’t do it. So they decided to put me in a nursing home.


Unfortunately for them, I wouldn’t allow that. Once I was officially enrolled, I hatched a plan for my escape. As it turns out, the patients are allowed into the kitchen. So, using that old guy’s medication from the next room, I made a cake for the guards that would put them to sleep (this was a high security nursing home).


As I’m sure you can imagine, once I was out, there was no stopping me. The first thing I did was break into a butterfly greenhouse and steal all the butterflies, then sell them to myself for 50,000 dollars (can I help it if I like butterflies?)


After a few weeks of that, though, I realized something was missing. Sleeping on a sidewalk just wasn’t comfortable. So then I thought of people that care about me. Family had given up searching for me after a few hours, so they clearly didn’t. But then I thought, you guys have said that you care about me, or at least my posts! So if any of you wouldn’t mind if I stay at your house until I turn 18, I’d really appreciate it!



P.S. It’s good to be back.

P.P.S. Sorry to which one of you I stole this computer from.

P.P.P.S I took ALL of those pictures!

The long break

OK! Well, I certainly took a week long break. What with school starting, I’m overly busy. But starting tomorrow, I will start to post every day again. And today, I am posting four new posts, to make up for the time I missed. =)