Photography Marathon – Day 2

OK, I am definately off to a great start with this photography marathon. I already have 32 likes on day one. I suspect that I owe it all to Sage Doyle at for reblogging it yesterday. Well, I know I say this alot, but I’m leaving soon for something, so I should probably get to the photographs. Today, nothing huge. Just the best photographs of animals I could get off my memory card. I’ve gone on a lot of camping trips, so there’s some interesting diversity here.

Turtle                                                                                           Fish

g     IMG_1497

Great Blue Heron                                                                   Turkey Vulture

IMG_3489     IMG_0570

Leopard Frog                                                                           Green Frog


Duck                                                                               Green Crab

IMG_0193     Capture 3

Dove                                                                                              ?

okaiufh     Capture 4


VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

I go camping alot.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed seeing those beautiful animals. The photographs are nothing compared to the real animals.


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