OK… sorry I made you guys wait. Ich would first like to comment on the new bild under miene award list. I have to thank for that. I havent officially made the post for it, for three reasons. One, is that I need to award blogs with under 200 followers, which ist sehr complicated. Another is that… IT WAS MY FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL TODAY. Ich bin, naturally, sehr tired und faul (lazy). The third, is that I just came back from the bathroom, und Ich found das miene katze, in her subtile ways, was telling me that I have five minutes left with the computer (and incidentally the chair).


I guess I should get to it then

OK. I’m beginning to get a migrane, and my time with this chair strikes three minutes. so I’ll wrap it up by explaining quickly. The picture below is a collection of pictures I took of a sculpture. I call it candles, because most of it is wax and wicks (and the candles really do work) with the occasional fork or broken DVD-triangles. I made it a while ago, but some of the pieces didn’t look as interesting, and some were a bit too prochairous. So, naturally, my cat was compelled to break it. I fixed it up yesterday, and now I can share it with you guys:



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