Ya, I know. Ich bin nicht really here. I’m probably out somewhere swimming, or kyaking (MISPELLED!!!), mit miene cousin. This ist eine sheduled post. I just couldn’t wait to tell you about my big news. I recently found some Polephemus moth eggs!!! My spicebush swallowtail project didn’t work out so well, and neither did the black swallowtail one. However I now have about 20 kliene polephemus caterpillars, about 5 millemeters long, living in a jar in my room. It is coolest moth, an I LIEBT sie. Das ist why I had to spell it out for you, for dramatic emphasis effect.

Here’s my own tiny creepy-crawlies:



Ich have come in contact with diese moth before. Here’s the picture I got:


Beautiful, isn’t it.

When Ich get back from the trip I’ll tell du how the caterpillars are doing.


And your thoughts...

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