Simon & Sonya – 4

You know what, I’m going to start making it Simon & Sonya Saturday’s, since 2 out of the 3 of these posts have been Saturday’s. It’s just more convenient.

S I M O N   &   S O N Y A

D A Y   2

Sonya woke up to the loud thrashing of rain and wind at her window. It was beginning to pick up, and she must have dozed off listening to the thunderstorm. The letter was still clasped tightly in her left hand, and she quickly shoved it in her pocket. It was then that she remembered her “weird” dream. Somehow it scared her, and she just wanted to forget about it. Dad wouldn’t be home for a few hours, and Mom was busy in California, so she decided to go outside and eavesdrop by the fence on the “lovely couple” in their swiftly vanishing bachelor and bachelorette days., to get her mind off things. She ran down stairs, and made her way by the fridge. Before she went outside she decided she would make some sausages incase Dad forgot to buy the salmon, and she could impress him with her cooking skills. She turned on the burner, marveling at her independence. She liked being able to just do whatever she wanted all the time. She felt in control of things. Of course, Victor helped.

“Victor!” she yelled

“Yeah?!” he replied from upstairs

“I’m going outside, ok”

“Be sure to wash up once you get inside, I don’t want Dad to think we adopted a dog!”

“Oh shut up!” she snickered. She always thought that “brother” meant something more than just sharing the same parents. Still, if anyone was her brother, the answer would always be Victor.

“Don’t worry, I’ll wear a raincoat.”

She made her way outside, kind of shocked at how bad the weather actually was. She was beginning to get worried about her dad’s long commute. Once she made it by the fence, she could see the catering staff struggling to set up this elegant looking tarp. Over the wind she could hear things like “… I’m going to need that potato salad…” and “Has anyone seen Sam with the tool kit?” and “… so they’re still having the wedding outside?!”. “Then she saw the bride walk out, overseeing the progress of her staff. She stood right on the otherside of where Sonya was, and she could hear her clearly speaking into a cell phone:

“Harriet, you’re the Maid of honor! You have to be here! … … … Well, then you’ll have to find a pilot who can fly in this weather … … … That’s ridiculous! … … … Fine, I’ll see if he can fly you here.” 


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