The awesome photograph


I don’t have much time here, but I just wanted to share a photograph.

I immediately chose this photograph because it welcomes in the fall.

I hope that you can enjoy the fall spirit with one of my favorite photographs.

H A P P Y   F A L L !


Photography Marathon – Day 4

Sadly, this is my last day of the marathon. Luckily, it’s going out with a bang. These photographs were difficult to create, not to mention how long they took. each picture is actually two photographs that I meshed together to make the most surreal scenarios. See what I mean:

So long, and thanks for all the fish.


The things I do with my cat…


Yet another reason not to go swimming this summer




I don’t recall painting that



Photography Marathon – Day 1

Hallo bloggers! In miene 20 days here (already) I have seen some bloggers do marathons of certain subjects that Sie are fond of. If du know this blog, you’ll know that I’m very fond of photography. So Ich decided das Ich would make my first marathon about photography. In this first post I took two photographs of completely different subjects und compared them to show their similarities.

The light reflecting off the lense of the camera       A rock stuck in the ice in the pond by my house

bb     b

A terrifying wolf spider                                                    A neat tree by my house

dd     d

A neat orange flower                                                                   F I R E ! ! !

a     aa

My cats eye                                                                    An owl butterfly wing

c     cc

                  Raccoon tracks by the pond                         What happens when I let my cat go near a painting

ee     e

A bird in the trees                                                                   A turtle on a log

gg     g

It’s a bird?!                                                                           It’s a plane?!

ff     f

It’s Simon Workmann!

(Mind the terrible puns)

A collection of random posts at once

Hallo! In my haste to schedule my posts, I made several plans for today. Rather than scatter them out along eine long period of time, I’ve decided to put them all together. The first thing I planned to do was post a picture that another blogger, Sage Doyle It began when he commented on diese post of meine Pipevine Swallowtail painting, saying how he had been interested in painting at one point in time, aber was now better at drawing. I asked him if he would be willing to post a drawing das Ich could re-blog. He said it was a great Idea, and asked me if I wanted him to draw anything in particular, and I said whatever best described his blog. I know that Er liebt to go camping, so what he chose to draw really does describe his blog.  So here es ist,  Sage Doyle on a camping trip.


Can I come next time?

My second post today was supposed to focus on some butterfly photographs. I wanted to do another photography post, that also focused (no pun intended) on lepidoptery. Little did I know, I’d find a lepidoptery post even without it. Aber wir will get to das later. Anyway, There is a great butterfly museum near us, und every time Ich visit, I use up a couple hundred gigabytes on butterfly pictures. I go about once every two months, so in order to keep it organized I have to put my favorites in certain set aside files. I had planned to share some pictures from those files today, und das ist was Ich will do.

IMG_1659     IMG_1663     IMG_1664

IMG_1683     IMG_2155     IMG_2184

IMG_2226     IMG_3357     IMG_1584

IMG_3048     IMG_3062     IMG_3099

IMG_3088     IMG_3080     IMG_3078

Should I have put more? (sarcastically)

My final post is probably the most important to me. In my about it tells how I raised Cecropia Moths last year, and how I am doing the same project this year with spicebush swallowtail caterpillars. Well it’s not completely true. I did have the plan to do the same project, but it didn’t work out nearly as well. All the butterflies hatched individually, so I never had a chance to get a male und female together. I thought the project was over, until my grandfather found this:

 IMG_4311 IMG_4319 IMG_4325 IMG_4331


Black Swallowtail Caterpillars

He found two Black Swallowtail caterpillars eating his parsley plant. You know, its funny, Out of all their plentiful food sources in my Großvaters garden, like fennel or anise, they chose the one food source that is only in one place in his garden. Anyway they are on the last stage, or instar, before they reach pupation. They have nicht started getting ready. How do I know, well that’s actually king of disgusting. as they start focusing their energy towards creating eine chrysalis, their digestive track starts ejecting food before its completely digested. Once that starts happening, I’ll put them in a large container, which I’ll set outside where there is mostly shade, until they hatch in mid spring. I would supply a picture of the butterfly, but why not share a picture of my butterflies when they hatch next spring. Plus, its really easy to type in Black Swallowtail butterfly in the image search.

OK, so I have sufficiently posted three posts at once, I think that’s all I have to do today =) Auf Wiedersehn!

Black and white

Guten Tag! I have to leave soon, so I’ll make this quick (maybe even a bit rushed). I really enjoy black and white photography, and now I have this blog, and what better way to share my photography than a blog. I went through my memory card and compiled all of my best black and white, and some sepia, photographs. This is what I came up with:












I put a lot of work into these photographs, and I hope you liked them!

Bye =)