Photography Marathon – Day 1

Hallo bloggers! In miene 20 days here (already) I have seen some bloggers do marathons of certain subjects that Sie are fond of. If du know this blog, you’ll know that I’m very fond of photography. So Ich decided das Ich would make my first marathon about photography. In this first post I took two photographs of completely different subjects und compared them to show their similarities.

The light reflecting off the lense of the camera       A rock stuck in the ice in the pond by my house

bb     b

A terrifying wolf spider                                                    A neat tree by my house

dd     d

A neat orange flower                                                                   F I R E ! ! !

a     aa

My cats eye                                                                    An owl butterfly wing

c     cc

                  Raccoon tracks by the pond                         What happens when I let my cat go near a painting

ee     e

A bird in the trees                                                                   A turtle on a log

gg     g

It’s a bird?!                                                                           It’s a plane?!

ff     f

It’s Simon Workmann!

(Mind the terrible puns)